To all people and families of India and members of the Indian community residing in Canada, please accept our condolences for your sudden loss in such a restless time during the outbreak of Covid-19 in your country.

am from India am a doctor got rejected am from Mumbai want to study am a sponsor am an employer

No matter where you are from or what your goals are, we are here to make Canada your new home.

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Here’s how we can help you

 Live

If you want to permanently live in Canada, we’ll help you define which program is best for your case. Remember, do not underestimate your foreign work experience.

 Study

Whether you want to learn English or get a worldwide recognized degree in Canada, we’ll assist you with getting Study Visa, Study Permit, Co-op, or Work Permit.

 Work

There are various programs for people who desire to boost their careers in Canada. Ready to increase your income and get an amazing experience? We are here to assist you!

 Visit & travel

If you’re planning to visit your family, friends or just explore Canada, Visitor Visa is the right choice for you. In case you need a transit visa, our consultants can help you get it too.

 Do business

If you are an investor or entrepreneur and want to make a good business decision, we can find the right program for you and your goals.

 Sponsor

If you are already a Canadian Citizen or a PR Card holder, we can help you sponsor your parents, grandparents, and dependent children.

 Detention Reviews

We specialize in various types of detention cases and have succeeded infinite times in defending people in court and providing needed support.

 Appeals & Inadmissibility

We’ve succeeded in multiple cases for people who were rejected in immigration programs. We are experienced and advanced in Criminal, Family Class, and PR Card Appeals.

 Refugee Claims

We help individuals and families overcome life hardships and immigration difficulties. Please, contact us to make Canada your new safe home.

3 steps to successful immigration to Canada stress-free

Step 1. Complete free assessment

Complete free assessment of your profile on our website.  We will review your profile and let you know your immigration chances.

Step 2.  Book a consultation

Book a 1-on-1 consultation with our licensed consultant to examine your profile, answer your questions and get a roadmap to successful immigration.

Step 3. Gather and submit documents

Collect all necessary documents according to your application checklist, submit files to us to start your application process.

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Book a 1-on-1 consultation with a licensed immigration consultant